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 Classroom Web Pages to Explore

Visit these class home pages to see what content other teachers have included. Look at both the good and the bad and evaluate what seems to work and what doesn't. If you visit WWW CyberGuide Ratings for Web Site Design you can print out an evaluation form and complete the form for each site visited. Completing the evaluation will give you a good idea of what to think about while designing your own page.


Mr. Warner's Cool Science!

Ricki Peto
Physics A.P. Page
Mrs. Simeone's Class Room 117
The Room 012 Third Grade Class Home Page
Mrs. Chan & Mrs. Smith Home Page
Wiscasset Primary School Kindergarten
Jenny's Teaching Page
Mrs. Cottrell’s Room
Mrs. Marsh's Munchkins
Mr. Schutz's Home Page


Teacher Resources

KidSafe Search Engines


Nassau BOCES

Primary Sources

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