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How to Publish Your Web Page


How exciting! After all your hard work, you are ready to "show off" your web page to your students and to the WORLD.

Local Use: If you or your school do not have an Internet server, a computer that is always hooked up to the Internet, you can open your web page locally. This means that only your students or your school community will be able to view your web page. Doing this allows you to use the Internet in a controlled and supervised manner.

To use your pages locally type the path of the home page file in the URL field of your browser. For example if your Web Page is saved on the floppy disk, type A:index.htm in the address field.

World Wide Web Presence
In order for the WORLD to have access to your web page you must have an account set up on an Internet Server.  Your choices are probably one of the following: School Account, Personal Internet Account, or Free Web Based Account.

School Account: Districts have different policies and procedures on Internet server access. You should contact your school administrator for information on how to publish your web page to the school's server.
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Personal Internet Account: Most private ISP's (Internet Service Providers), such as AOL, Prodigy, Compuserve, AT&T, etc... provide their customers with 5 to10 megabytes of server space. You should contact your provider to see if your service includes server space for your own personal home page. If so, you will be provided with an account on their server. To access the account you will receive a User ID, and a password which will enable you to upload your web pages to that server. You must contact and question your ISP about the best method for publishing your web page.
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Free Web Based Servers:  There are many web sites on the Internet that provide free web server space. They not only provide you with the server space but also with the development tools to create the pages. The only draw back to having a web page on a server such as this is that often times school filtering systems such as Bess or Cyber Patrol will block out web pages posted on these servers. These servers may be blocked out due to the fact that they usually offer free e-mail accounts which may be a resource the district does not want their students to have access to.

Visit the links below to find out more about Free Internet Servers.

Free Homepages - More sites that will allow you to create and post a web page for free.

Publicize your web page by registering it with several different search engines
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