Developing a WebQuest

     A WebQuest is an Internet based activity that usually covers several curriculum areas. WebQuests focus on using information rather than looking for it, students are prompted to go beyond just learning facts. Students usually compose creative work to support thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

     For example, students may be asked to create a multimedia slide show that develops and supports a point of view. Another example could be students creating a newsletter to summarize their knowledge gathered on a topic. (The WebQuest Page)

Visit these examples:

Eye on the Candidates

Women in Science

Elementary WebQuest: Animals of the Rainforest

Webquest 101 - Putting Discovery into the Curriculum - Work through an online tutorial and learn how to create your own webquest.

Use this page to plan and organize your own WebQuest.

Visit the WebQuest Page - Authored by Bernie Dodge the creator of the WebQuest. View a list of his suggested reading and training materials, and browse a large database of existing Webquests.

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