Developing a Home Page

     A home page is like the cover of a book, it is the "top" level of your web site. It provides an overview of the content presented within your web pages. If possible, the entire home page of your site should be viewed without scrolling.

     All web pages should start with a Home Page. It is the address you will give to people when you tell them to visit your web site.

A Home Page should include the following information:

Title: Class/school name, grade, and location.

Description: A short statement describing the purpose of your web page and introducing yourself as the author. You will establish credibility by answering the following questions: Why did you create a web page? Where can you be contacted via e-mail or "snail mail"?

Table of Contents: By arranging a table of contents or menu format you allow browsers to link quickly and easily to the resources and information you  have gathered and organized.

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