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Developing a Hotlist


    A hotlist offers a collection of sites that you find most useful and interesting to your curriculum units. Creating a hotlist will quickly point your students to appropriate sites so they do not spend hours of aimless surfing. 
     The list should include the Web Page Title, the address (URL), and a short description of what the students will find at the site. Download this handout to organize the sites then search and evaluate web sites that will enhance your curriculum. You may want to start by visiting teacher resource sites and kid safe search engines.

Visit these examples

redball.gif (206 bytes) Let's Keep it Clean - A starting point for people interested in conserving and preserving our environment.
redball.gif (206 bytes) China on the Net - Visit links that provide background information on Chinese culture, religion, up to date news, and maps of the country.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Connecting Students - Links to web sites by topic - Websites on elementary topics such as the American Revolution, Body Systems and more.
redball.gif (206 bytes)

Educational Resources on the Web - A list of directories containing lesson plans and many sites revolving around k-12 curriculum

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