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The Purpose of a Teacher's Web Page

When you decide to publish a class home page your primary readers are your classroom students and their parents. Listed below is a selection of information commonly included on teacher pages. It is always a good idea to start small and build, as developing and maintaining a great web site tends to be time consuming.


redball.gif (206 bytes) Information about the teacher: educational training, experience and philosophy of education
redball.gif (206 bytes) Classroom information: rules, procedures, policies
redball.gif (206 bytes) Calendar of class activities
redball.gif (206 bytes) Homework assignments, spelling lists, reading assignments
redball.gif (206 bytes) Class Schedule
redball.gif (206 bytes) Student Projects: writing, poetry, artwork, math problems, science experiments, multimedia presentations
redball.gif (206 bytes) Favorite URLs for web sites the class likes to visit
redball.gif (206 bytes) Class photo album
redball.gif (206 bytes) Online Activities such as Treasure Hunts and Web Quests that merge into the classroom curriculum
redball.gif (206 bytes) Featured student of the week or class awards and contests.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Conference schedules
redball.gif (206 bytes) Dates of field trips and permission forms to be printed out and returned signed for permission


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