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Web Design Resources

The following links have free images to enhance your web page designs. Please follow the terms of usage required for each of these sites. These terms vary greatly from site to site, and it is important, especially as educators to adhere to copyright issues.


new3.gif (226 bytes) Cool Freebies! -
Free hypermedia including sound files (Wav and Midi), graphics and much more.
new3.gif (226 bytes) Cool Archive -
An archive of free backgrounds, bars, clipart and bullets with easy page navigation.
new3.gif (226 bytes) Hee Yun's Graphic Collection -
A large collection of useful backgrounds, lines, bullets and clipart. Easy to navigate.
new3.gif (226 bytes) -
School & School Related web clip art.
new3.gif (226 bytes) Resources for Web Design -
Graphics & Multimedia, Copyright info, Education specific design 
new3.gif (226 bytes) Free School Related WEB Graphic Images -
A moderately large gallery of school related web images for viewing and downloading.
new3.gif (226 bytes) Kelly's School Clipart Links -
Clipart collected and organized by a student teacher.
new3.gif (226 bytes) Cyberbee's School Clipart -
A small collection of school related clipart.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Bellsnwhistles -
Spice up Any Webpage with these Multimedia Addons
redball.gif (206 bytes) Animation Library -
A site featuring over 3500 free animations. drop-down menus near the top of every page on our site allow you to search for categories.
redball.gif (206 bytes) A-1 Icon Archive -
Icons, balls, backgrounds, bars, graphics, animated gifs, clip art, and more!
This site is constantly updated.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Welcome to Wilson's "Free Gifs & Animations -
A nicely organized list of GIFs & animations. You do need to provide a link back to their page.!
redball.gif (206 bytes) Barry's ClipArt Server -
A collection of static and animated images resides on Barry's server for your use. There is a search facility available to find what you want, but the choice is more limited than on other clip-art websites. A useful place to start if you or your pupils are looking for something to perk up an internet or graphics project.
redball.gif (206 bytes) ClipArt Connection -
A huge collection of free clip-art images is available at this site to enhance Internet and graphic projects. The GIFs are categorized by theme but you cannot search for a particular subject so finding something specific may be time-consuming.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Web Page Design -
Design Tips, Graphics, Free Counters, Free GIF animator software.
redball.gif (206 bytes) The Computer Teacher's Resource Page -
See Web Page Development Tools.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Totally Free Stuff!! -
Free Web design Utilities.
redball.gif (206 bytes) NetCreators Icon Page -
Free animated GIFs, backgrounds, bars, lines, clipart, and cartoons.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Multimedia Sites -
Graphics, Animations, Quick Time Clips, & sound.
redball.gif (206 bytes) Xoom's Free Clip Art Gallery -
A hotlist of animated GIFs, & pictures for your own personal, non-commercial use.


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